Supplements for the disabled

A healthy, properly balanced diet, individually adapted physical activity and, most importantly - supplementation - is a key condition for maintaining good physical and mental condition - especially for people with disabilities. The body that develops, matures and undergo various changes and processes - it immediately needs proper nutrition. However, this is not obvious, because in the case of disability, the use of various substances (also dietary supplements) must be a process under the care of a specialist. We know how important your safety, health, well-being and comfort are! We trust that our medical team, headed by the most valued, and experienced professors of world medicine - will take care of all elements of your existence in the best way.

The importance of protein

Undoubtedly, protein is one of the three basic components of the daily diet. It plays a special role in the most important systems of the human body: bone-joint, vascular, cardiac and respiratory. It’s contained in diet supplements, it allows for full regeneration of muscle tissue and its strengthening and elasticity. What's more - it regulates the proper functioning of the endocrine system, and also stimulates the processes of rebuilding damaged or weakened fibers. It cares about strengthening internal structures and their proper vitality, provides all necessary elements correcting the existing condition. Protein administered in the form of dietary supplements is the most condensed form of it, with the highest content of a full-value substance.

Amino acids, vitamins and minerals

The human body is unable to survive without providing it with the right amount of vitamins, especially the basic ones: vitamins A, C, D, E, and also vitamins from group B. First of all - they strengthen the body's resistance to all kinds of diseases, bacteria and viruses, they stabilize the work of the cardiovascular system, improve the hormonal balance, nourish the skin, hair and nails, slow down the progress of negative degradation processes, inhibit the formation of free radicals. Minerals, in turn, such as: magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc, chlorine - have an extremely positive effect on the human body, mainly affecting its physicality. The range of their operation is based mainly on the zone of action of joints, bones, tissues. This is extremely important because in the case of disability (regardless of its type), these organs are either immobilized or in some way impaired or threatened by weakness and degradation. Therefore, it’s important to take particular care of amino acids, the most recommended form is supplementation, because it’s completely safe, healthy, fast, full-blown and effective. Amino acids (BCAA, alanine, carnitine, arginine, citrulline) - are auxiliary substances that work not only for strengthening, stimulating and nourishing, but also regenerating.

In the case of disability, it’s extremely important to act safely and appropriately, that is to say - some substances cannot be combined with other medications or treatments taken every day. We make sure that each individual participant receives the most specialist advice and that his expectations regarding medical care, as well as the entire camp - are fully met and that we can deserve honesty. All medical records and recommendations of leading doctors, as well as rehabilitation - at our camp are fully continued - we care about their continuation, as well as the quality of services provided.

Why do we attach such a special role to the topic of supplementation? Namely - the human body is a series of incredibly complicated connections and threads of dependence, which can often be a problem for us. Without wanting to - we get it once a lifetime and we have to accept it both with its physicality and with certain disadvantages that may indicate disability. This does not mean, however, that we cannot minimize, slow down or stop the negative processes taking place in our body - quite the opposite! It’s very simple and does not require large financial expenses. For this purpose, supplementation is necessary because it provides the body with all the ingredients necessary for its proper development. Any shortages (insufficient amount of given ingredients) can cause injuries, joint or bone defects, muscle weakness, weak tissue structures, cramps and even permanent disability.

Dietary supplements, which was a huge discovery, is one of many reasons to be proud of the largest representatives of world pharmacology and dietetics, and finally - an extraordinary simplification and rescue for the body, which through its illness or usual shortages, can be exposed to many unpleasant consequences, which of course, we want to avoid it at all costs.