Sports activities at our camp

Do you also like to live actively? Would you like to start an adventure with physical activity - but you do not really know how to do it? Do you want to know the technique and training variants tailored to your individual preferences? Join us today! Our camp offers you many different sports activities that guarantee: active time spending, integration with peers, great fun and spectacular results! Disability does not prevent everyday functioning in an active way, it does not constitute any obstacle - the moment when we know how, when and what to exercise.

Not just the gym!

Imagine that you are now, along with a really positive bunch, around New York - you feel a slight breeze of hot air, and there are palms around you – sounds nice? Soon your imagination can become a reality! We offer you outdoor recreation! Take advantage of the pool, basketball, archery, table tennis or ground training, athletics, fencing, rugby, and marches. Each form of activity will be fully adapted to you! You can choose both exercises that will help you burn unnecessary adipose tissue, allow you to stretch and relax the muscle tissue, strengthen individual parts of the muscles, raise weight, and sculpt the body. Anything you want! We go towards your expectations! To provide you with comfort and diversity - we have created a series of completely different but equally attractive activities that will allow for regeneration, recreation, integration and unforgettable fun.

Competition and rivalry

Both forms of competitiveness are associated rather negatively as something that we accomplish by doing someone wrong, dishonest and not completely moral - generally something bad – which is a mistake. At the moment when we participate in a group of completely different characters, we do not always manage to form strong bonds. We know, however, that thanks to team cooperation and mutual responsibility, we acquire community features and deepen ties with our peers. In addition, mutual competition allows us to overcome our own weaknesses, discovering the previously underestimated (by ourselves) abilities, learn how to behave fairly towards another human being. The competition, in turn, releases positive hormones that push us to act and does not allow us to stop, or surrender.

Moving is healthy!

We are strong supporters of the principle that movement is indispensable in human life. People with disabilities are often marginalized by unfair opinions and judgments that their physicality is completely excluded from sport. Nonsense! Everyone, regardless of whether they are disabled or not - can engage in physical activity in the form in which it’s possible and in any case, it will be equally high and equally important. Regardless of whether your physical activity consists of putting one or many parts of the body in motion - it’s important! We focus on being active, discovering our possibilities and deepening them!

Believe that thanks to us - exercise can become your passion, something without which you will not want to function anymore, that will take you away and allow for self-realisation, perfecting your own self, your own desires. We are convinced that both the place of our camp and the climate will allow you to properly regenerate, rest, and actively spend this extraordinary time. Act in your unique way, and we'll show you how you can manage your time!

This time we have definitely focused on the water area, because in the pool you can do a lot of productive and incredibly effective things. Our instructors will lead, among others, corrective and rehabilitation classes that will provide your body with an incredible dose of really beneficial regeneration. Because of your young age - you must be aware that your body is still developing and the body is changing. Therefore, physical activity should be immediately adapted to your health options, but also to physiological and psychophysical parameters.

As professionals - we will make sure that you feel completely safe and comfortable! Remember that at our camp you will have a really rich opportunity to choose any activity - know that breaking down all barriers, including those that involve fear of rejection, lack of acceptance, shame - is very much needed. Only thanks to this will you open yourself to the world, people, new challenges and successive goals, you will stop being afraid, you will start to live fully, make your dreams come true, realise your plans, avoid the feeling of shame that is ridiculous. Join our team today and embark on an amazing journey with people full of passion, talent or their seekers! Being a participant in our camp - you will discover a world that you have not yet discovered.