Camp - history

Since 2000, we have been organizing amazing camps for disabled young people, which enjoy great popularity and the overwhelming level of satisfaction of our participants. This initiative was born primarily of passion and love to overcome all boundaries and breaking harmful stereotypes. The limits of possibilities are in our head, we moderate their range. We are people full of ideas and positive emotions, for years we have been creating the best and the most professional staff that: teaches, entertains, rehabilitates, motivates. The places that we choose at the target location of our camp - are extraordinary, multicultural, fully tested and in every way adapted to the needs of each participant.

How did it start?

It started with dreams. We have always liked to observe and draw conclusions from the reality that surrounds us. We are sensitive people, the pressure of everyday life and the cult of perfection have begun to limit us, inhibit us - instead of developing our potential we hid it for fear of public opinion before its evaluation. You know, the world is not too small for all of us - we thought, watching how many people are closing in with their shame, fear - from their dissimilarity, which may even be a disability. Lack of faith in their abilities, reluctance to show weakness, lack of self-confidence and conviction about their attractiveness – it all touched us at the most unexpected moment and then we found that every person can struggle with them, regardless of their physicality. Thanks to cooperation with disabled young people, thanks to conversations and common moments spent with these incredibly strong people - we decided to act! We wanted to create a project that will allow you to explore the world, meet people, and have fun, rehabilitation, physical activity, healthy eating, supplementation and unforgettable emotions - people with disabilities who often do not see their great potential. After many consultations, training sessions, discussions, trials and challenges - it's possible!

Only one life

The most difficult thing in reconciling with your life situation is that we do not have the awareness of the uniqueness of what we are participating in. After all, we only have one life and only one chance to use them as much as possible. Disability is not a barrier at the moment when we believe in our own potential - our alumni start today in Paralympics, win medals, occupy high positions in various fields of academic career but not just that - they have their own corporations, make a career abroad, travel around the world, set up incredibly happy families! That was our goal, it was our great dream - to show people with disabilities, young people that their life is not worse, it’s not less valuable or destroyed! During adolescence, we often rebel against everything that surrounds us, we have sorrow for many things that we cannot influence. We have always been keen to remove stereotypes from human consciousness that people with disabilities are not able to do sports, eat healthy, have an active social life, travel and develop intellectually. Today we can proudly say that we receive a lot of messages from former participants of our camp about their spectacular successes, promotions, happy moments and those that are worse, in which they think about giving up, but they do not - because they know who they are and for what they are striving for.

Change of the world

Our camps are organized in the furthest, most popular, but also the wildest corners of the world - to show participants that they want to - are able to! We've been to China, Brazil, Croatia, Bolivia, Georgia, the Netherlands, Spain, Israel, Morocco, New Zealand, Portugal, Peru, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Vietnam. We want to show people with disabilities that they can live as they want and no one can stop them. They can pursue their dreams, plans, and goals. We are convinced that integration between youth from around the world allows you to broaden your horizons and get to know people with similar characteristics (e.g. with the same type of disability), and similar interests.

We want to combine - not divide! We want to develop - not stop! That is why we have created the highest-class rehabilitation systems and programs that have appealed to our youth over the years. We started with the fact that we wanted to do something to change our thinking, especially our own, but also people who face their disability on a daily basis. It worked! Today we know that it’s worth it, we are not afraid of challenges and we are not afraid of dreams! Once we were told that it would not work, that we would not be able to do it, because people with disabilities need constant rehabilitation, treatments and care - we ensured it! And this during the light camp in its form, which takes place all over the world.