Diet and training for disabled youth

What limits us is our opinion of a reality that is not as obvious and as terrible as we think it’s. Disability, especially one rooted in the movement sphere, is the impairment of the skeletal-joint, nervous, vascular and muscular systems. Leaving aside the cause and source - it clearly affects daily activity and diet. We know how important for you a healthy, fully balanced and varied diet is, as well as adequate supplementation and personalized training. We take the challenge! For the sake of your safety and comfort: we employ the highest class dietitians, the best chefs and experienced and recognized personal trainers. See for yourself how much you can achieve thanks to our cooperation, invaluable experience and advice, because it will stay in your memory for the rest of your life.

A personalized diet

Your schedule and diet should be adapted to: your age, lifestyle and body parameters (allergy preferences, body weight, eating habits), as well as the type of disability you have. We want you to feel great both at our camp and afterwards - that's why we want to create a diet for you that you will love! The diet is not a restrictive guarding of calories or denying your favourite products, it’s also not a hateful renunciation or a curse that can be associated with compulsion. On the contrary! It's a lifestyle you choose! You can eat healthy, you can eat differently and tasty! We will show you how to prepare healthy and less calorific substitutes for your favourites, but extremely fattening and harmful to your health - desserts, fast-food, lemonades, drinks or juices. Whole-grain bread, baked with the best grains, wholemeal unsaturated fats - grains, seeds, nuts, olive oil, coconut butter, coconut oil, avocado, best quality vegetables and fruits ripening in the New York sun, proven meat or fish.


Our priority is to show the importance of supplementation in the daily diet! Dietary supplements provide your body with all the nutrients necessary for its proper functioning, as well as vitamins and minerals - in the most condensed and full-fledged form. It’s important that you take care to prevent the occurrence of various types of deficiencies in your body. It can be said that dietary supplements protect the body and are natural medicines that prevent injuries, deficiencies, joint, bone and tissue impairments - they act ad hoc and safely.


Everyday activity is the basis for development. Regardless of whether you are active every day or not - join us! Sport does not have to be exhaustive and monotonous, quite the opposite! At our camp, you will definitely discover the positive power of training - in the New York sun. We offer you various activities, from walking on beautiful sandy beaches, azure coasts or crowded American streets, to sports competitions, personal training and dancing. We still emphasize that integration with peers allows for even deeper opening to new, interesting challenges, including physical ones. We definitely break the myth that disabled people cannot engage in physical activity, cannot train and develop their physical abilities - that's bullshit! You can do whatever you want - if you use the correct technique and follow knowledge, reason and precision. This commitment and willingness determine the success of your goal! Our specialists will prepare you for independent emergence in the world of sport, show you safe training opportunities and help you acquire the right technique. Do not forget, in this context, about the aforementioned supplementation, in the case of physical exercise, its significance grows even more, because through training our body expends the energy to be supplemented, among other things.

Harmony, stability, motivation

We know that internal balance, appropriate motivation and harmony - are extremely important for your health and well-being. Know that your mood and attitude have a significant impact on achieving your goals and achieving success. Above all - never give up! We will not let you give up! Remember that showing weakness is not a bad thing, it’s not a reason to stop - by no means! Severe moments in which you hesitate, you are afraid, something goes wrong - they are just a lesson from which to draw the appropriate conclusions! We will help you realize your dreams, passions and interests at all costs. Together - we can do more!