Camp - attractions

We would not be ourselves if we did not take care of unique and unforgettable attractions - for all participants at our camp! We have been preparing the whole year to present you a unique offer in which everyone - regardless of preferences - will find something for themselves. As a result of innumerable consultations, discussions, meetings and tests - we have selected the ultimate, best list of attractions that we offer you at this year's camp! We assure you that all types and kinds of activities have been thoroughly tested and adapted to your needs, so you can be completely calm about your safety and comfort.


Movement is healthy! As you know, the limitations arise only in our head and we are their moderators. Do not let anyone make you stop dreaming and pursuing your goals - you can do whatever you want - in your own unique way. Taking care of your physical development and sports activity - we offer you a series of activities that will help you improve efficiency, develop physical fitness, strengthen your muscles and burn unnecessary fat. Under the supervision of our specialists, personal trainers and world-class active and retired athletes - you will learn the secrets and advantages of exercise. You will find that the daily dose of sport can become your greatest passion, something you will become addicted to. A positive note of competition, competition and cooperation will allow you not only to deepen your relationship with your peers, but also to strengthen your self-esteem. Sport releases hormones of happiness, thanks to the exercise you will become more brisk, full of energy, vigour, as well as have more positive emotions that will accompany you continuously every day.

Art classes

We want to enable you to realise your interests and passions - that's why we have created the opportunity to participate in various art workshops. They are designed to deepen your sensitivity to beauty, living beings, and the whole world. You can express yourself through your own interpretation of the reality that surrounds you, you can create something that’s your own, something unique, something that will only be yours and no one will be able to take it from you. Interested? I’m sure you are, as you are a passionate person who would like to show the world what you can do, someone who wants to be appreciated and rewarded for their skills. Each of us has our own individual value and is somehow different from the rest, sometimes we do not realise that nothing can stop us if we want something very much!

General development - motor classes with corrective gymnastics

Activity is the best medicine, it’s a synonym of development, aspiration, constant advancement towards the better. However, gymnastics gives time for reflection and contemplation we associate with care for technique and precision. Our body is the area in which we are stuck for life and therefore we should take care of it, especially when we have the opportunity to do so. We will help you take care of it to deepen the positive orientation of your body in relation to changing environmental conditions, to shape your visual-motor coordination, to shape the correct posture, strengthen internal organs and general psychophysical balance. Our goal is to show you how important safety rules are and how you can apply them, and how you can express your thoughts, views, needs and expectations without restraint.

Discovering talents

We are talent explorers. We are waiting just for you! Join us today and show your friends and colleagues around the world what you can do. USA, around New York, and you pursuing your passions – is there more to dream of? It's amazing how much we can achieve by acting together. Each of us has the right to development, self-realization, and progress - regardless of whether you are disabled or not - physical reasons in no way define us - quite the contrary! What you like and what you can - it can be your idea for the rest of your life, it can also be a source of livelihood and the beginning of a great and unique career that will go down in history. We will help you start the fight for your future, we will show you how much you can achieve thanks to your work and commitment. It's an honour for us! You are unique, do not categorise yourself! Do not let others decide about your life - become its master, get to know your peers, enjoy, have fun - just live to 100%!

Disco and sightseeing

We offer you unusual themed evenings with great music and New York air. We will also show you all corners of the city that never sleeps - New York! Together we will follow in the footsteps – CSI: NY or Home Alone: New York - and maybe we will meet Lady Gaga? Today you can fulfil your dream and explore the world, the world which is open to you!