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Youth camp for the disabled - offer

We are organizing an amazing camp for disabled young people. Where? USA, around New York! Do you want to visit the city of dreams - full of the highest and most unique skyscrapers in the world? Do you want to find out if this city "never sleeps"? Do you want to feel the rays of the most beautiful New York sun and visit the most amazing, breath-taking beaches? Join us! We have created a qualified and very positive staff with you in mind that will take care not only of professional rehabilitation, integration and learning the language, but also - great fun that you will never forget!

Rehabilitation and physical activity

We know how important rehabilitation is for achieving spectacular results in overcoming further barriers! That is why we particularly care about the continuity and regularity of this process, which in essence - only and exclusively - thanks to uninterrupted work, has a chance for real success. We believe that the combination of a light and non-obligatory form of the camp with the necessary exercises is a great choice for you, while stressing the importance of universal access to such services - everyone has the right to rehabilitation, regardless of the place or conditions in which it’s located. Most importantly - we specialize in complexity, we employ only professionals who, thanks to their knowledge and experience - will take care of all spheres of your life. We offer both rehabilitation of motor organs (kinesiotherapy, physiotherapy, systemic cryotherapy) - including the spine. As well as neurological rehabilitation - a speech therapist, physiotherapist, neuropsychologist, psychologist, occupational therapist. Our advantage is, above all, the lack of monotonousness and a sense of boredom, you will find that rehabilitation at our camp will not remind you anything that you do on a daily basis – quite the opposite! You can say that you will not notice how much positive benefits you will achieve thanks to our cooperation!


Integration with peers from all over the world - this is one of our greatest priorities. We think that spending time together, having long and honest conversations, incredible fun, laughing through tears, learning yourself and getting to know each other - will allow you to make contacts, and maybe even friendships for life. The unique place of the camp and equally exceptional participants - we hope that you will want to be in this group - are a guarantee of its timelessness. We focus on the community, we know that loneliness and isolation can break all the barriers of the young person's psyche and make them not open to the world in such a way as to show all their abilities, talents to realize their desires and achieve spectacular success. Disability is not a barrier! Disability is a feature that makes you unique, but it does not constitute any obstacle, on the contrary – it opens up new opportunities that you can use today! Each of us has our own interests, something that we love and something that we would like to develop in ourselves. We will make sure that you also find something for yourself, that you meet people who also like to do what you can talk to, exchange views and create. We are open to integration between youth from around the world - about different cultures, customs, habits, religions. We want to show that our physicality does not define us at all, that we can do exactly what we dream about - and that we are not alone in our pursuits, because there are people around us all around the world (they have similar ailments, worries, problems ), regardless of what part of the world they live in.


We definitely want our participants to have the freedom to communicate in any number of languages so that they can learn about the amazing traditions associated with them. So if you like foreign languages and would like to communicate with them - you've come to the right place! We offer a wide range of education that provides language lessons in the form most accessible to you. Due to the region in which we will be located, we pay special attention to English - we know that this language is particularly important in the context of communication almost all over the world. It’s worth emphasizing that familiarization and constant contact with a foreign language cause its very fast and fluent acquisition, which runs virtually smoothly. Thanks to our team – English will not pose the slightest problem for you.

Nutrition and comfort

In the interests of your comfort and safety - we will provide you with a healthy and balanced diet tailored to your individual needs and preferences. You will also have the opportunity to consult a dietitian and measure and analyse your body composition. We are waiting just for you!